I finished writing the extended version of ‘The Scanning’ today. It will be in the ‘Amongst Infinite Worlds’ book, which is the first book in the ‘Levels Of Kosmosyria’ series.

I wanted to do that for some time now. I wanted to revisit the story and put more information where it was needed. There wasn’t any context change, and I was very careful in adding the new text, leaving the old text completely untouched. Not a single word, not even a coma, was deleted from the old text. Some phrases got longer with more words in them, but anything original is still in there.

The extended version of the story aims to give more information, mainly about things that happened before Teftkra entered the room 404. It also starts smoother than the original version, explaining the reasons she made the recording in her sonographer. I don’t want to reveal more so just wait until the first LOK book is out!

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