I’ve already started gathering together the elements of the next four ebooks.

Although I do not know which one will come next, I know what they will be:

1. One will be a collection of short stories, mostly Science Fiction. Some stories will be very short, others will be the normal kind of short.

2. One book is a Medieval Fantasy story, written in episodes (I don’t know how many episodes yet). All episodes will be on the same book, of course. It will take place on planet Samna, long before the story of ‘The Scanning‘.

3. One other book will be a Science Fiction story written in five episodes. The first episode is already written and it is the shortest of the five. The main character of this story is a villain. The enemies are the good guys!

4. One story that I will definetely release as an ebook is a story its last parts I’m currently writing. It is dedicated to my friend, Rodanthe. It takes place on the dwarf-planet Dsin, which belongs in the same galaxy as Samna. Although, in this story, fictional elements are secondary of importance, since the main elements are emotions and deep, personal struggles.

Book covers for two of the above ebooks were already purchased from Patty Jansen, who is a Science Fiction author, but also designs great book covers.

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