The notes of Aepios Pankosmos

The notes of Aepios Pankosmos

My friend Fotis gifted me this awesome blank book a few days ago. I instantly fell in love with it and decided that it will be the notebook of Aepios Pankosmos. Pankosmos is one of the most important scientists -and characters in general- in the whole multiverse of Paneia. He also has a very special role related to the multiverse itself.

I’ve already started filling the pages with Pankosmos’ notes, using normal pencil to make it look realistic. The first entries are about his research on the particles that are called varytons.

The Scanning [Extended version]

I finished writing the extended version of ‘The Scanning’ today. It will be in the ‘Amongst Infinite Worlds’ book, which is the first book in the ‘Levels Of Kosmosyria’ series.

I wanted to do that for some time now. I wanted to revisit the story and put more information where it was needed. There wasn’t any context change, and I was very careful in adding the new text, leaving the old text completely untouched. Not a single word, not even a coma, was deleted from the old text. Some phrases got longer with more words in them, but anything original is still in there.

The extended version of the story aims to give more information, mainly about things that happened before Teftkra entered the room 404. It also starts smoother than the original version, explaining the reasons she made the recording in her sonographer. I don’t want to reveal more so just wait until the first LOK book is out!


I finished another story translation a few minutes ago. This time it was much easier to convert the narration and the final result was much better. I think it was because I was focused on nothing else, just the story. It is very hard to stay true to the idea that lives in the mind when the outside world constantly tries to communicate with the writer. The outside world is, of course, anything that exists outside of the chair where I sit while writing, so it is extremely possible that I will be interrupted many times per day!

This is probably why other writers rent houses far away from everyone, just to write. It is not only that they need to be inspired by something new, but they also need to be alone, focused. I need to find such a place!

Translation and conversion

As I convert more and more stories to english, it helps me create a more coherent idea about the worlds’ constants, especially for the Dark Galaxy and Nimesia universes. In the beginning I thought that just translation was enough. But, as I watched the stories’ words and phrases change from one language to another, I noticed that context needed to change, too. Whole paragraphs were and are being rewritten, so that the stories will make sense in english. In fact, very few pieces of each story are simply translated with no changes.

Almost 95% of every story is being rewritten. It’s fun! It’s hard and sometimes it feels monotonous, writing every story almost from scratch again. But it also gives me the chance to make it better, add things that did not fit in the original greek version and remove things that are no good for the english version.

Future ebooks

I’ve already started gathering together the elements of the next four ebooks.

Although I do not know which one will come next, I know what they will be:

1. One will be a collection of short stories, mostly Science Fiction. Some stories will be very short, others will be the normal kind of short.

2. One book is a Medieval Fantasy story, written in episodes (I don’t know how many episodes yet). All episodes will be on the same book, of course. It will take place on planet Samna, long before the story of ‘The Scanning‘.

3. One other book will be a Science Fiction story written in five episodes. The first episode is already written and it is the shortest of the five. The main character of this story is a villain. The enemies are the good guys!

4. One story that I will definetely release as an ebook is a story its last parts I’m currently writing. It is dedicated to my friend, Rodanthe. It takes place on the dwarf-planet Dsin, which belongs in the same galaxy as Samna. Although, in this story, fictional elements are secondary of importance, since the main elements are emotions and deep, personal struggles.

Book covers for two of the above ebooks were already purchased from Patty Jansen, who is a Science Fiction author, but also designs great book covers.

My first ebook – The Scanning

My first free ebook, The Scanning, was released three days ago and it’s already reached 63 downloads at Smashwords, exceeding my expectations! It is also part of the Smashwords Premium Catalog, which means that in the next days it will also be available at other online bookstores like Sony and Barnes & Noble. It already is available at Apple, Diesel and Kobo. I would like to know what you think of the story. Did you like it? Did you not like it? What is right and what is wrong in the book? I’d like to know all kinds of opinions.


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